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Please visit our SUMMER WORKSHOPS page for information about 
Relax Kids Fantasy Funland Family Day on 
21st August at 10.30am - 12pm

Suitable for children aged 5-11, but do feel free to join in!

£10 per child, £8 for siblings

For more information, email

Our next course will soon be announced for September! 

Each class follows the 7 steps (see below for more information about the 7 steps).

The course includes the 6 classes; in addition, each child receives: 
a course "passport" to collect stickers each week and reflect on their experience:
a certificate at the end;
a summary of the activities and how to use them at home; 
printouts, worksheets and other resources to take away.

NEW class for 5-11 year olds 
starting 11th September for 6 weeks
Thursdays -RELAX KIDS  4.30-5.30pm

We also have Aerial Yoga and meditation for 11-15 year olds on Sundays 1.30pm.

Over the recent years we have had many parents asking if their children can join in classes due to the huge benefit that parents are getting from the Studio. 

 Children are under more pressure and stress than ever. A ChildLine National Exam Stress Survey revealed that 96% of the 1,300 children who completed the survey felt anxious about exams and revision. Noise, pollution, technology, peer pressure are all tapping away at their mental, emotional and physical health. There is no doubt that stress is taking a toll on our children's health and well-being. Mindfulness and relaxation exercises can help your child manage stress and anxiety, sleep better, concentrate, feel more calm and in control. 

If children can learn to be calm under pressure at a young age,then they stand in good stead for their adult life.

In class, your child will learn skills that they can use every day:

  • Different tools and exercises to help them when they are experiencing different and difficult emotions, uncertainty, anxiety, stress and worry.
  • To recognize their emotions better and how to manage them in a positive and uplifting way.
  • How to develop their self confidence, self esteem and emotional resilience.
  • How to meditate and to use breathing techniques to self soothe.
  • How to relax and improve their sleep.

RELAX KIDS uses a seven step process in their amazing classes:-

EXCITING games- Drama based activities help develop self confidence through expressive play and imagination based games. Interactive and fun, these games also help with social interaction, communication, focus and concentration. 

RELAXING stretches- Yoga inspired stretches help increase flexibility and movement whilst also calming and releasing physical tension.These exercises also have a direct effect on the emotions and children will be given examples when they can use the stretches to help themselves. 

CREATIVE visualisations- mindfulness and meditations, deep body relaxations, guided imagery and visualisations help release physical and mental tension, lower blood pressure, calm the nervous system, increase emotional and body awareness and give children the tools to relieve stress and anxiety. Whilst at the same time expanding the child’s imagination and creativity. Done regularly, these exercises can help promote deeper sleep and a more relaxed attitude to daily challenges.

SOOTHING peer massage- Self or clothed peer massage (on the back) Calming and relaxing, positive touch boosts the immune system, calms the nervous system, helps the production of oxytocin and endorphins, and lowers stress levels.

POSITIVE affirmations - Delivered through engaging games and group exercises, positive thinking and affirmations are powerful coping tools and help foster resilience. Learning to view themselves and life in a positive way is a great tool for life and thinking and speaking positively releases endorphins in the brain that make you feel great, increase happiness and optimism. 

CALMING breathing exercises- Mindfulness-based breathing exercises help to still and calm the mind. Deep breathing helps calm the nervous system, balance the left and right side of the brain and aids in concentration and focus. Children learn how to use the different breathing techniques to calm and self regulate.  

Payment for Relax Kids

First child 6 week course £30 plus paypal charge £1 

For a second, and then a third child from the same family, it is £25 per child plus £1 paypal charge 

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