The - Health And Fitness From The Inside Out
'This is the equivalent of an 'internal shower'. As the spring freshness born of the heavy rains and vast masses of melting snows on mountains in the hinterlands cause rivers to swell and rush turbulently onward to the sea, so too will your blood flow with renewed vigour.'

There is an incredible 'energy dance' going on right now inside your body. 
For thousands of years ancient religions and cultures have described the various forms of the energy: 
the Chinese call it Qi or Chi; 
the Indians and Tibetans refer to it as Prana; 
modern science refers to the energy fields all around us as 'subtle energies'; 
The Beach Boys called it 'Good Vibrations'.

At ENERGYBODi, we celebrate the senses, the body and the world around us. 
 We build friendships and a sense of belonging.

Moving Energy Mindfully

BODi DANCE Class Schedule

Monday 6pm,
Tuesday  11am, 
Wednesday 7.15pm
Friday 11am
and Saturday 10am
Included in your MULTI-PASS!

BODi Dance with Lynette

Bailando comes to the ENERGYBODi Studio on
Wednesday 7th of June 7.15pm

Eight week course
Included in Your MultiPass
or choose a single course pass for just this class.

Lynette is excited to be offering a brand new Nia routine called

The focus of our eight-week Wednesday night BODi Dance is
"Fun & Self Expression".

We begin with the routine Bailando. The focus of Bailando is dancing to the music with passion and self expression. The intent is to integrate the hips, head & heart into every move.

The summer months feel like a great time to share Bailando. This is a lively routine with a mix of fun, Latin-inspired rhythms that motivate and inspire you to let loose and blend movement with magic to express your dance!

BODi Dance with Jo 
Saturday Morning at 10am

Included in your Multi-Pass
or choose a single pass for just this class.
Course commences June 10th for eight weeks

The new BODi Dance routine from Jo is called I Feel Love.

A super start your weekend!
Let's dance away tiredness,stress,aches,& pains. Dance your flow!

BODi liscious moves to marvellous music including 'I Feel Love' Donna Summer's classic hit! Plus lots of feel-good tunes! Suitable for everybody, even for those who don't dance!

I Feel Love has a focus of "Connection." So, come along and let the moves soothe you. Reconnect to your whole self & let's BODi Dance!

BODi Dance
with Heather

Mondays 6pm
Tues and  Fri 11am
Included in Multipass or
buy a Single Course Pass.
Moving between mind, body and feelings, dancing the intelligence of the heart.
Our mind is a powerful tool- witnessed and harnessed while Feeling with the intelligence of the heart we create our lives.
Imagine -Mind
Feel- Heart
Create- Body
Moving Energy Mindfully
Be in the moment. Life as Art. 

BODi Dance -ZENERGi with Heather
Mondays 6pm, Tuesday and Fridays 11am.

How is BODi DANCE different from other dance fitness?

  • Movement and music variety - between pulsing strong rhythms to flowing, spiraling and graceful gestures. Music ranges from Celtic, New Age, Samba, Classical, Electronic Dance, Afrobeat, Ambient, Lounge and Folk, and much more.

  • The detail of alignment in healthy joint movement, built on decades of functional fitness knowledge.

  • Adaptability- Every body, however, out of shape and uncoordinated, or  supremely athletic and at the peak of fitness, all in one class. YOU can benefit too.

  • Sensory awareness - learn to fine tune your senses and listen to feedback from the body; for alignment, for adjustment, for bringing you into the present moment and for more comfort and pleasure in your body.

  • Learn the secrets of mindfulness.

  • Move and generate ‘Chi’ and set your focus and intention set at the beginning of each session.

  • The 8 keys to fitness, Flexibility, Agility, Mobility, Stability, Strength, Pandiculation, Surrender and Support are incorporated into the whole session. 

  • We integrate the whole body seamlessly to soothe the nervous system, while challenging co-ordination to build healthy neuro-pathways, breaking habits - a major factor in keeping young.

  • Maintaining a focus throughout class and how this can help us in every day life.

Our clients say:

"I love coming to ENERGYBODi Dance. Making the most of every movement and capturing the moment so fully time appears still. No rush - time pauses - you are lost in the moment." Margarita McGuinness

'' I have a busy, analytical, always forward planning brain that ENERGYBODi DANCE just switches off now, almost instantly. I feel more flexible, but more importantly, each time I visit I feel more soothed and balanced.  

"In a recent job interview, I quoted ENERGYBODi as my anchor point to happily managing a hectic lifestyle. ENERGYBODi DANCE should be widely available as health promotion, prevention and restorer!!!''
Maria Baistow 
(Scroll down to read more testimonals from our clients)

Is ENERGYBODi Dance for you? 
  • Are you wanting to get fit - cardio vascular, heart and lungs, and tone your body?

  • Do you want an energetic workout that soothes and rejuvenates you softly but with sustaining power?

  • Are you looking for a workout that feels more like playfulness than a 'workout' and feels pleasurable? Do you dislike aerobics? 

  • Do you want to move, not just up, down, in and out but in circles and spirals, finding energy in its natural flow?

  • Do you need to look after your knees, your joints, your back? 

  • Do you need to manage your energy levels?

  • Want to know every step is about moving with alignment for joint health with a full range of movement for a strong, supple and yet sensuous body?

  • Do you want to feel uplifted in your moods and learn how to bring balance mentally and emotionally into your life?

  • Is socialising and making new friends and having a place to come and belong part of getting fit?

  • Do you enjoy learning more about how an exercise works and learning about your body so you get even more out of your classes?

  • Are you interested in Personal Development to bring more confidence, assertiveness, understanding, compassion, purpose to your life?

  • Do you have an interest in chakras, energywork, holistic health, colour therapy, postural alignment?

  • Do you love kicking off your shoes at home and dancing around the living room?

  • Are you aged between 18-80? 

ENERGYBODi Dance is waiting for you!

Who Comes To Classes?

The magic is in its all inclusiveness. Regardless of age, fitness and ability, there is always something to learn and improved health and fitness for ALL.

What class members have to say....

"I just wanted to let you know about our dance classes and that I often arrive feeling stressed or anxious but, without fail, I leave feeling better. It isn't just an exercise class, it's much more than that and I think it should be available on prescription!" Margaret Dempsey.

"I love it here at ENERGYBODi. I have only been coming for a short time but feel it has made a huge difference to me. I feel that it makes me think differently about life. I think more positively and pay attention to the little things in life. My partner comes with me too and it is something we share together," Natasha.

Here is a poem about BODi Dance, written by one of our very own ENERGYBODies, Julie Waters.

Zenergybodi, my favourite place
Self discovery, self love, 
An endless smile on my face

Surrender, peace, letting go
Dancing, spiralling, flowing
A loss of ego

Harmony, peace, love & support
Exercise and fitness 
A journey
Who'd have thought

A sacred space, to expand 
and grow
 to open your heart
 'Coming home' 
Let emotions flow

To release stress,
 confusion and strife
To bond, share, feel joy
To celebrate life

Thank you, Julie

We look forward to meeting you!