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“Yoga does not remove us from the reality or responsibilities of everyday life but rather places our feet firmly and resolutely in the practical ground of experience. We don't transcend our lives; 
we return to the life we left behind in the hopes of something better.” 
Donna Farhi

Aerial Yoga Courses

New class times and tasters to be announced very soon !
Thursday 8.30pm coming soon!  

Aerial Yoga is a form of Yoga which uses a low hanging, wide aerial fabric like a hammock to aid traditional yoga postures by supporting your body weight. 
 Suitable for all levels including complete beginners. 

The fabric helps us to achieve postures that may be too challenging normally and allows us to build towards them safely or can add an extra element of challenge. 
It is an incredible tool and practice for self care, expansion and joy. If you dream of flying with grace, with fun, with connection and with confidence, then come see how to make that dream come true. Remember how good it feels to feel good, and to know that it's more than okay to feel good about feeling so good. It's yours and everyone's absolute right.

"There are numerous benefits from practicing aerial yoga, most notably that it increases both muscular flexibility and joint mobility, and is particularly helpful in strengthening the core.
It also offers muscular tension release through decompression and hydration of the vertebral discs within the spinal column. This allows for more space for the nerves within the spinal cord, which can ease pain and effectively help elongate the spine. One of the best aspects of aerial yoga, like more traditional yoga forms, is mindfulness," Mick Jagger.

5 Reasons to fly with Aerial Yoga

1. Aerial Yoga is great for spinal decompression.
2. It strengthens your upper body.
3. It improves your overall well-being by creating a more   confident, braver you.

4. Savasana feels like you’re in a cocoon.
5. Improve your sense of body position and balance.
and bonus
Feel like a child again!


Every teacher will hold the space and share the practice in a very unique way. I come from a background of personal development and human potential, and that is what I delight in so much with teaching Aerial yoga - our potential and our development, of core, strength, flexibility and confidence, to name a few.

This practice simply personifies that capacity on every level; mind, body, emotions and spirit. We are familiar with all the limiting beliefs we have about who yoga is for; body shape, age, gender. We hold true the idea that it takes years of dedicated practice to achieve results. We shy away from a wonderful experience. Then we find ourselves looking at aerial yoga and we get excited.

We can either follow that feeling, leap right in and have a go, or we can allow that excitement to spiral into fear, doubt and even more limiting beliefs about what is possible and not possible. 

Well, this amazing practice truly is for everyone.
You are held, supported, encouraged, step by step to slide into your own grace and deepen your relationship with yourself in ways that are quite remarkable and, at times, profound.

I see the most exhilarating and almost miraculous results unfolding every week, from pain relief and increased vitality, to astonishing balance and control from all shapes sizes and ages.

I see confidence blossom, self trust, flips, tricks and beautiful alignments. People afraid to even lean back into the fabric on class one can suddenly be found flying in an inversion with the biggest smile on their face. My teaching is about you; your remarkable capacity and gently unlocking it.

The space I hold is love; learning to love ourselves, to stop the negative inner dialogue, to honour each and every second of exactly who and where we are. This is the dynamite that opens experiences, confidence, strength and flexibility that you didn't even know was within you, and that is why Aerial yoga has become a passion for me.

 Life is for living and loving, and it all starts with you!

''I have completed three 5 week sessions with Fiona’s Aerial Yoga classes. 
What have I learned?
 To Trust: To have trust in my body, myself. To trust the silks. To trust Fiona. 
How to Listen: To listen to instructions properly without putting my own interpretation on them. To listen to my body, truly go inside and listen. Listening to the quiet calm when relaxing in the hammock.
 Enjoyment: The feeling of being free from fear – allowing my body to enjoy the sensations of the different aerial positions. Being part of a group of people developing their skills alongside my own. 
Connection: I have never, hand on heart, felt a connection to me, my body. Every part whether it be mind, body, spirit was separated somehow. Now I truly feel that connection. 
What have I gained? A core!! Thought that was gone long ago (childbirth etc); a renewed confidence in my own abilities; the ability to switch off the incessant drivel of negatives proclaiming “Oh you can’t do that” (especially during the cultural portals we go through at milestone birthdays, mine was 50th birthday back in September); a friend in Fiona Morgan x Thanks Fiona for the fun and laughter too!'' Gillian Darlington.